Globe GOSAKTO70 1GB Data Unli All Network

GOTSCOMBODD 70 or GoSAKT70 Globe offers 1GB of normal information that users may make use of in order to utilize online, 7GB of free GoSHARE&SHOP plus GoWATCH&PLAY (1 GB per day for a period of seven days), and 1GB in GoWiFi access for the same period of seven days. It also includes unlimited messages, a free GCash Voucher, and a 1-hour free internet service for all networks.

GoWATCH and GoPLAY Free Data for YouTube, Netflix, I want, Viu, iflix, NBA, HOOQ, ONE, Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, Survival Rules, Clash Clans, Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile may be utilized for those not started. The following data can be used: Free data may also be utilized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Shopee, and Zalora for GoSHARE or GoSHOP. For GoSHARE&SHOP plus GoWATCH&PLAY, complimentary 1GB of data per day is refreshed every day.

While you are registered in GoSAKTO70, in GoSAKTO90, in GoSAKTO120, and in GoSAKTO140 the 1-hour data grant is included in the Globe Wonderful Surprises. The freebie of 1-hour data is randomly provided and is good for up to 3 days, such as free Spotify for 1 hour. As long as the GoSAKTO promo you have registered is still valid, you may pay for this freebie. Just SURPRISE to 8080 for your request.

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It’s simple to subscribe to the promo. Only GOTSCOMBODD70 or GOSAKTO70 to 8080 texts. Alternatively, you may call *143# and choose GoSAKTO > Discover Promos > Recommended promotions > GOTSCOMBODD 70 > Arbonne.

A text message will be sent verifying your successful GOTSCOMBODD70 promo registration. The sum of €70 from your prepaid load balance is withdrawn.

Description Of Advertising:

  • Data from 1GB
  • All networks have unlimited text (Globe, TM, Sun, Smart, TNT, etc.)
  • GoWATCH and Play 2GB data
  • Applicability: 7 days
  • Price: Php70.00 Price

How GOTSCOMBODD70 Is Extended

GOTSCOMBODD70 is 7-day valid, but up to thirty days long!

Please note that this only extends the length of your normal mobile data, not the allotment of 1GB/day data for Facebook, Instagram, GoWatch, and GoPlay applications. To benefit from a further 1GB/day allotment, you must register for GOTSCOMBODD70 again before the end of your membership. In your new subscription, your unconsumed mobile information is included.

Text GOSURFBE34 to 8080 to prolong this promotion across 15 days. The continuation of the promotion costs about 34 euros.

Text GOTSCOMBO BF121 to 8080 to prolong the offer for 30 days. This costs about 121. This costs about all this. Wait for the SMS message to confirm that your subscription has been extended. By texting GOSAKTO STATUS or DATA BAL to 8080, you are able to check the status of your subscription.

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Type GOTSCOMBODD70 And Send To 8080

When we say massive internet, it implies that the allotment of mobile data is limited. The internet is consumable with this kind of info. You have a 1 GB limit on the internet which may be used partly or completely within 1 week. The allotment of mobile data is not updated every day. Only 1 GB is available, not 1GB per day, seven days when you subscribe to this offer.

GOSAKTO70 is applicable for 1 week for 7 days Globe offer. This advertisement contains the text for all networks limitless. Every subscriber may send a text message to any network. The expiry of all net text is the same as the expiry of the mobile data. If before the validity of the term of 7 days the 1 GB allotment is exhausted, the unli text shall not be impacted.

Check Status

This GoSakto promo’s GOTSCOMBODD70 status. The status of this offer may be checked in several ways. The first one comes via the USSD code, the other through the mobile GoSakto app. In order to verify the status of such promotions, the subscriber may also send a text message.

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How To Stop Or Unsubscribe To GOTSCOMBODD70?

By texting GOSAKTO Cancel 8080, you may withdraw or stop your GoSAKTO membership. Wait for text message confirmation.

Send your message on their official social media sites (Messenger, Facebook, or Twitter) with the mobile address and mobile numbers to Globe Telecom’s customer service. You may also dial 211 on your mobile phone through Globe SIM. No deductions are necessary at least ~ 7.50.

How To Add Data/MBs To GOTSCOMBODD70?

You may register for this 1GB of data add-on known as GOTSCOMBOKEA37 in order to add the data to your GOTSCOMBODD70 or GOSAKTO70 subscription.

Reload your prepaid Globe number to 8080 at a minimum with GOTSCOMBOKEA37 and text. This offer does not include a call or text add-ons.

Globe GoSAKTO offer as GOTSCOMBODD70 is only accessible to Globe Prepaid clients and TM subscribers.

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