Best Ways To Type A Backslash [\] Symbol In Word/Excel/PowerPoint

The backslash is a character (\) initially introduced by Bob Bemer in 1960 and is also known as the backward slash, downward slash, and backward solidus.

The \ backslash is an indicator used in the computing industry and reflects the usual / slash image. Sometimes it is referred to as a hack, whack, escape (from C/UNIX), slash, reverse, slant, reverse, and reverse.

The reverse key is placed on most keyboards close to the “Enter” or “Reset” key. It is usually located directly on the left side of the input key but can be placed under or above the input key… The backslash key has an overlap pipe, a direct, vertical line.

The next character must also be interpreted differently in some programming languages. string str=”example” string string str=”

URLs containing a “/” (slash) symbol are split by the Internet. Instead of slashing, people may use the word “further slash.”

The reverse bar can also be printed on the screen without touching a reverse bar. The ASCII code is included in each keyboard character and “92” in the backslash character. Press and hold down the ‘Alt’ key, then click ‘9’ and ‘2.’ (Alt+92) (Alt+92)


the first time Bob Bemer used the “\” symbol as a representative of several ALGOL Boolean operations was in 1961. (an early programming language used for scientific calculations). He utilized it in ASCII and subsequently, it became a keyboard standard.

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Where Is The Backslash Key Located On My Keyboard?

The reverse key is placed on most keyboards close to the “Enter” or “Reset” key. It is usually located exactly on the left side of the input but may alternatively be placed below or over the input key. The backslash key is immediately on Apple keyboards, over the Return key.

The back-slash and the forward-slash keys should be differentiated. The backslash key has an overlap pipe, a direct, vertical line. A question mark is on top of the front slash key. Forward slashes are used for URLs, i.e., however backslashes for Windows, such as you may view in Windows Explorer, C:\Program Files\, are utilized.

Backslash: \Forward slash: /
What Is A Backslash Used For On A Computer?

In MS-DOS and Windows, a backslash can show a file path. As an example of the backslash utilized, c:\windows is an example. For any of the following reasons, a backslash may also be used.

  • The reverse slash is a flight character.
  • A separator in a file path for file and directory.
  • A machine or folder is connected in a network route.

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What Is The Other Symbol On The Backslash Key?

The backslash key in U.S. keyboards is shared by the pipe key that is shown next to or above the backslash character. Hold it down the shift and press the \ key to construct the pipe.

5 ways To Type A Backslash [\] Symbol In Word/Excel/PowerPoint

Microsoft Office includes a number of typing or inserting options for symbols without the designated keys.

I’ll provide you five alternative ways to enter or insert the back slit symbol for both Mac and Windows users in this part, Excel, PowerPoint, and any text editor.

Let’s get started without any further ado.

Using The Backslash Key On The Keyboard

You cannot see a key with the backslash sign depending on the type of keyboard you are using. However, it’s someplace on one of the keys in most situations.

Where is the reverse letter key, therefore:

The rear-slash key is positioned near the entering and Return key on most keyboards. The entry or return key is usually situated directly on the left but is occasionally also located under or above the entry. On Mac, it is put over the return key immediately.

Windows backslash key before key input.

Using The Backslash Alt Code

The alt code for Backslash is 92. However, the Alt Numpad Input Method (AKA Alt Code Method) can be used to input this symbol, although this sign contains one special key in most English clapboards. This may be done by holding down and pushing the Alt key while using the numeric keypad to type the Backslash symbol Alt code (92).

This approach is only available on Windows. And you also have to have a number keyboard for your keyboard.

If you don’t get it yet, follow the directions for the alt code technique to write the backslash symbol:

  • Place where you require the symbol, your insertion pointer.
  • Hold on to your keyboard, press, and hold the Alt key.
  • Press the alt code of the symbol while holding the Alt key (92). To input the alt code, you have to use the numeric keypad. 
  • the approach may not work for you if you use a laptop without a numeric keypad. There is a secret numeric keypad on certain computers that can be activated by pressing Fn+NmLk on the keyboard.
  • Use the Alt key to put the symbol into your document after typing the Alt code.

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Using The Backslash Shortcut (Mac And Windows)

The Mac’s keyboard shortcut is [Option] + [Shift] + [7] or alt+shift+/. Use the alt code technique for Windows users by clicking the alt button on the numerical keyboard and typing the 92 alt code.

To input a shortcut in the reverse slash, use the following instructions:

  • First, put the insertion pointer where the Backslash symbol has to be inserted.
  • Press and hold the Shift key and press the [7] (seven) key once for Mac users.
  • Press and hold the alt key on the number pad for Windows users and type 92.
  • These are the methods you may take in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to type this symbol.

Copy And Paste Backslash

The Backslash Symbol may also be obtained easily by using my favorite method on any PC: Copying and pasting.

You only need to copy the symbol for Windows users from a web page, or character map and proceed to where the symbol is needed (for example in Word or Excel) and then click on the Ctrl+V to paste.

Below is the copy and paste sign in your document. Just pick it and copy it by pressing Ctrl + C, switch to Word / Excel / PowerPoint, locate your input point at the correct position and click Ctrl + V to paste it.

Type Reverse Solidus in the Find box on the advanced view. The Backslash Symbol is officially called.

The conversation on the character map should now show only the Backslash. To select it, double-click the icon. Click the Select button alternatively.

After you double click on the symbol, the symbol should be displayed in the field of copy: and click Copy to copy the symbol on the button.

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