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Windows Server 2016 ISO Download Free



windows server 2016 iso download

Overview of the brand – Windows Server 2016 is a Windows NT family server operating system and the latest version of the Windows Server release. The latest version of Windows Server 2012 was released on 26 September 2016.

If a new update is available, it is updated via Windows Update Services. The DataCenter, Standard & Essential comes in three different editions.

Windows Server 2016 Edition Features:

It has the Nano Server, a lightweight operating system that uses fewer resources. The Nano server is used for cloud-based applications that follow the agile development concept of micro-services.

It is usually utilized in low-cost data centers so that total server costs are minimized. Using domain service technology from Active Directory, developers can simply be securing Active Directory environments and improved identity management for both business and personal electronic devices. In addition to being pre-installed and operating without any GUI, Windows Defender takes care of numerous sorts of security threats, viruses, worms, trojans.

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Steps To Download Windows Server 2016 ISO

See the steps you need to follow for your platform to download Windows Server 2016. Follow the following steps to download Windows Server 2016 on your platform.

  • Download the Windows Server 2016 ISO file from the official Microsoft website on your platform.
  • Remember one thing: only 64-bit configuration platforms function on Windows Server 2016. Before you download your Windows Server 2016 ISO file, make sure you do so.
  • Be sure then to download the correct ISO file, which is totally compatible with the language that you use usually.
  • Extract all files in a secure location from that particular ISO file.
  • There would be a folder among the extracted files that would be the Windows Server 2016 installation application for your platform.
  • Open the Windows Server 2016 software and install it accordingly.
  • In the interim, I’d ask him about his Microsoft account’s login details. Add it right there. However, you may easily get one on the official Microsoft website if you have your Microsoft account.
  • Then I might ask for your permission and all that. Please read all policies and conditions correctly and proceed with the installation.
  • Once the installation is finished. Reboot your platform.
  • When your platform is rebooted, login credentials for your Microsoft account may be prompted again. Add it right and experience the new change.

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How Windows Server 2016 ISO Is Still Making Difference In 2020

The most popular element about this operating system was its active directory federation services, meaning that only authenticated Microsoft users may use or they can never use this operating system.

The next thing that has a lot to do is upgrade Windows Defender. Windows Defender on Windows Server 2016 has been updated to the next level. It has a malware scanner that has several Windows capabilities enabled. These new upgrades solve several remote services and the default services that displayed many user problems in the first phase. Users are very eager to use this server for life with regular updates.

The next important change is the storage services which were updated with their own updated technology to eliminate any repeated files over and over. It has the technology to find and solve anything by itself.

Download Windows Server 2016 ISO – A complete guide in 2020

Windows Server 2016 is considered one of the best systems ever built for people who enjoy server functionality on their Windows 10 platforms. These server packages therefore also have many users, exactly like previous Windows NT series operating systems. We hope that all of the information in this post will be sufficiently effective to help you comprehend Windows Server 2016. But even if you have queries, feel free to reply under the comment box. If you have any questions, our ISO River experts can be a help to resolving the problem at the least possible time.

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Email That Doesn’t Require Phone Number




email that doesn't require phone number

No phone number is required for these free email services. Yes, recent years have seen a weird shift in the way things are. You’ll have to give me your phone number to receive an email address. Even if it increases the company’s security, I don’t see how exposing our phone number benefits us.

Listed below are outstanding businesses that value our privacy and offer free email services without asking for phone numbers.


As GMX Mail, Global Mail eXchange was created by a German firm called Global Mail eXchange. Listed in Germany since 1997, the firm is well-known for its reliability.

It’s free to use GMX Mail to verify your cell phone number. This email service provides you with 2 GB of free storage and does not impose any storage restrictions. Attachments are limited to 50 MB in size.

That the email service runs well and has a simple user interface is a good sign. The blue and white color combination is soothing to the eyes. This software is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, iPhones, and tablets, and it’s completely free to download.

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With ProtonMail, you’ll get the most secure email service available, and it’s completely free! Users may now send encrypted emails with more ease thanks to Protonmail.

It’s programmed to expire encrypted communications after 28 days by default. An extended expiration date is an option.

With a Protonmail premium subscription, you’ll get 5 GB of storage and 1,000 messages per day.

Another intriguing feature of Protonmail is the absence of a user name field. Instead of a password, you can use a user name.


The next email provider on this list,, does not need you to verify your cellphone number.

The confirmation can be received by SMS or an email account on

Unless you wish to utilize your cell phone, you need an existing email account to use this service. One and one-half percent of the shares of are held by 1&1 Mail & Media Inc. of Germany.

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Tutanota is another excellent email service that doesn’t ask for any kind of authentication, and it uses AES encryption since the messages are encrypted from the sender all the way through to the recipient as well.

Tutanota was developed in Germany by a small group of people and offers 1GB of free storage space with the added bonus of not having any ads.

Tutanota is a good option if you’d want to use a secure email service. PFS and DANE, as well as this program, allow you to select your own domain name.


When it comes to email security, Mailfence and Protonmail have a lot in common. One of the most secure email service providers, Mailfence keeps your personal information private.

Because only the recipients of your emails know your identity, you can’t use it for spamming or email forging.

Many features including cryptography and end-to-end data encryption are included with Mailfence, so no one else may access your private information or data.

More sophisticated functions are available with Mailfence’s premium membership. However, not everyone can afford a monthly subscription.

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You may establish a one-time-use email address with Deck’s email client. After proving that you are not a robot, you may begin using your free email account.

Email on Deck won’t ask for your cellphone number to verify your account when you first sign up for an account. There will be no way to recover emails that have been erased if your email address has been removed.

Email on Deck’s premium options, such as the ability to create numerous throwaway emails, are fantastic.

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How To Bigpond Webmail Login




bigpond webmail login

According to a survey I did a while back, the majority of individuals use email applications like Outlook Express to check their accounts. Even while utilizing email applications has numerous advantages, using webmail allows beginners to rapidly get up and running with their email accounts by using a familiar web browser software. In this post, I’ll show you how to utilize Bigpond’s webmail in the proper manner.

You don’t have to install any additional software to use webmail. All you need is a web browser, which is the application you are now using to see this page… In addition, you’ll need your email account’s login and password, as well as a working internet connection.

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Bigpond Webmail Features

As part of Bigpond’s MyConnect webmail interface, users may access their email accounts as well as an online address book, calendar, tasks, and notes. All of these fantastic capabilities are conveniently available with a single mouse click thanks to the well-thought-out web application.

To send, forward, or delete an email, simply click on the appropriate button on the webmail interface while still in the browser. Sending SMS and MMS is also possible with MyConnect. Plain text and rich text may both be used to generate new email messages, with the latter allowing you to construct colorful and aesthetically pleasing email messages. An email signature, which appears at the end of each message, may also be set up by users.

  • Bigpond’s webmail service offers 1GB of storage space to each user for free. However, in today’s world of emailing huge music and video files back and forth, this amount of space may be insufficient. To prevent the dreaded mailbox full’ error, use email applications to download your Bigpond messages to your computer’s hard drive.
  • Bigpond’s webmail service deletes emails older than 180 days, therefore it’s a good idea to move them elsewhere.
  • While using Bigpond webmail, you may wish to consider moving any old emails to a personal folder. No limit on the number of folders that you may establish for message organization.
  • In addition, Bigpond sells extra mailboxes, which you can control using the webmail interface.

Steps To Steps Easy Guide To Login Bigpond Email

Bigpond webmail was established by Australia’s largest telecommunications operator, Telstra Corporation Limited, to make bill-keeping and prompt payment easier for its customers. It also provides clients with the ability to monitor and manage their data use. In addition to that, customers may acquire a variety of other services from the business.

Despite the fact that Bigpond Email Login is offering several benefits, users are still encountering problems. If you’re having trouble logging in to your Bigpond webmail account, this article is for you.

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Using Bigpond Login Page

Following are the steps:

  • Log in to your Bigpond Email account using this link.
  • In the next step, you must input your Bigpond email address, which should be in the following format:,, and (the last two are required).
  • Please enter your email password here.
  • Fill out your company identification number (IDB).
  • Simply click “Sign In” to go to your email.

With The Use Of Telstra Account

The second way to sign in to Bigpond Email is as follows:

  • To begin, go to your Telstra account and log in with your email address and password.
  • Look for a link called “Webmail” on your computer’s desktop.
  • You may access your Bigpond webmail by clicking on it.

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How To Download Tinder Gold MOD APK




tinder mod apk

In this article, we’ll show you how you can receive an infinite number of Tinder matches without spending a dime. This Tinder Mod Apk is perfect for you if that’s the case.

Boost the visibility of your Tinder profile so you can discover the ideal partner for a date.

Giving a super like would instantly amaze someone. In Tinder App, you can only earn 5 super likes every hour, as far as we know. For an additional 138, 102, and 85 cents, we may get five Super Likes, twenty-five Super Likes, and sixty Super Likes, respectively, by purchasing Super Likes.

Due to these restrictions, I’ve created Tinder Mod Apk 2021, which allows you to have an unlimited number of super likes and other Tinder Gold features.

Tinder is a mobile app for meeting new people in your area. Using their profile photo, interests, and bio, you may like or hate other users by anonymously swiping left or right on their accounts. After you’ve been paired with someone, strike up a conversation with them.

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What Is Tinder Mod Apk

All premium features such as Unlimited super likes, Unlimited boost, unlocked top picks, and many more may be enjoyed without spending a penny with Tinder Mod Apk.

Now it’s time to meet new people and find a partner.

  • You’ll receive an endless number of amazing likes this way.
  • Get a free boost for your profile!
  • Find the right mate in a flash
  • Unlock Tinder’s Gold Membership Code
  • You’ll be able to swipe indefinitely.
  • Go back and undo the last thing you did
  • You will not be bothered by any advertisements.

To like someone on Tinder, swipe right. If the person you’ve liked also swipes right, it’s a match. Once you’ve found your match, you may start a conversation with them and propose a romantic date.


With Tinder, you may find people who are compatible with your interests and profile because of the app’s proximity feature.

Tinder MOD APK Features

Tinder MOD APK, on the other hand, includes all of the premium features found in Tinder Plus, Gold, and Diamond versions. All these features are available without having to pay for a membership, which makes it unique. The following are some of the characteristics in further detail:

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Unlimited Super Likes

There are several romantic elements in the Tinder app that must be paid for, even though the program can be downloaded for free from the Play store. Tinder Gold APK has a similar feature called super likes. Sending super likes is a cheap way to get the attention of anybody, but it’s a costly option that few people want to use. However, you need not be concerned, since Tinder gold MOD APK allows you to send an infinite number of super likes for free.

Unlimited Swipe

In the free version of the Tinder app, there are fewer swipe options. You have the option to swipe many times at once. To swipe right again, you’ll have to sit there for a long time. If you want to swipe immediately, you’ll need to upgrade to Tinder Premium or Tinder Plus. However, you are free to make as many swipes as you like without costing a penny. To do this, go to Google Play and search for Tinder MOD APK.

Free Profile Boost

The more people who see your profile, the more people will see your profile. You’ll be able to locate a lifemate in no time if you do this. Using Tinder Cracked APK to enhance your profile is a paid option, but you can also use this function to increase your profile for free.

No Ads

Have you ever downloaded and utilized the Tinder App for free from the Google Play Store? If you answered yes, you will be enraged by the advertisements that show in this app. Because adverts show with every tiny swipe in this app, which is incredibly time-consuming and unpleasant. However, you are compelled to view those advertisements since using Ads Free Tinder is quite costly. However, because Tinder Plus APK is a modified version of the original App that is totally ad-free, you will no longer have this problem.

More Control On Profile

Tinder is very concerned about its users’ safety. If you meet someone using Tinder, you are safe from any dangers. Because the Tinder administration activated a panic button and anti-catfishing technology in January 2020 to increase the safety of US users.

This function is not currently accessible internationally, but it will be in the near future. If you are stranded anywhere, you can use this function to activate the panic button.

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How To Download Tinder Gold MOD APK

Tinder Gold APK is extremely simple to download for you guys. Because you’ve arrived at the finest website on the Internet. We show you how to get Mod Apps in just a few clicks.

It’s not rocket science to get Tinder Premium MOD APK from DivyaNet; all you have to do is follow our instructions. After that, your phone will be ready to utilize this app.

  • Please use the download link provided below. This link will take you to the download page.
  • A direct download link may be found on the download page. To begin downloading, you must first click on that link.
  • Now To install the downloaded file, go to File Manager and locate it.
  • Install that file by tapping on it. When you tap on that file, it will prompt you to install it. That should be clicked.

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