Your Guide To SSS Hotline And Contact Numbers

If you have a query or worry regarding your SSS account, it is preferable to contact the SSS directly to receive exact answers. In this brief tutorial, we will cover the SSS hotline and SSS contact numbers to reach the Agency.

While Google and some websites give a wealth of information on your SSS account, it is sometimes not enough. Calling SSS would probably answer your query or assist solve your SSS problem because you receive information from the agency itself. You will receive up-to-date and accurate information on your SSS concerns such as contributions, benefits, loans, and other activities.

In the past, the SSS hotline was only open for 16 hours a day but was subsequently extended to 24 hours a day. You may even phone them at midnight, so an agent will help you immediately.

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SSS Hotline Number

Only distant members can use the SSS Hotline Number for about 16 hours per day. However, as the need to remain in touch with the agency often takes a whole day, the service was then expanded to a full 24 hours. This is basically a wonderful thing, particularly at the end of the customer.

The option to interact with the agency via a telephone call to the hotline number still remains the fastest approach to address problems relating to the SSS account. Calls to SSS Call Centers are open from Monday 7:00 a.m. to Saturday 7:00 p.m.

It’s only six days a week, could you ask?

Well, yes. Well, yes. But there is a legitimate reason why three hotline numbers are all directly connected to the SSS – when there is no interaction with one or more hotline numbers beyond work hours, including a day off and holidays, for example, there is always one that will replace the call.

Technically, the service is “non-stop” – “24/7” – nevertheless, when contacting real customer representatives may be limited to fewer than 7 days a week.

SSS Trunkline Number (632) 920-6401
SSS Call Center Numbers 920-6446 to 55
SSS Toll-Free Number 1-800-10-2255777 (1-800-10-CALLSSS)

The initial call involves a procedure of identification authentication that will need you to submit your SSS number. In case you do not know and have no reference to your own SSS Number, additional distinctive information will also be provided such as your first name, mother’s maiden, and domicile.

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IVRS Hotline Numbers

“IVRS” represents an Interactive Voice Response Mechanism, an automatic system designed to help you solve your SSS issues. Some individuals could find it weird and less preferred to talk with a “machine” than a genuine sentient human. But for a good reason, IVRS is in existence – if no human connection is feasible, the automated system will provide a suitable alternative that assures a favorable result.

Metro Manila 917-7777
Baguio 446-5902
Tarlac 982-8739
San Pablo 562-9289
Naga 472-9795


Cebu 234-2053
Davao 227-7273
Zamboanga 992-2014

SSS International Toll-Free Numbers

Through international toll-free lines, presently SSS members from overseas may now contact the agency directly for any SSS-related problems. However, as a precaution, only a few select nations from Asia, the Middle East, and Europe are supported in this split call:

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Asia SSS Toll-Free Numbers

Hong Kong




Brunei 801-4275

Middle East SSS Phone Numbers

Qatar 00800-100-260
United Arab Emirates 800-0630-0038
Saudi Arabia 800-863-0022
Bahrain 8000-6094

Europe SSS Contact Numbers


United Kingdom


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