How To Get Pag-Ibig Online Verification Tracking Number

A verification of Pag-IBIG numbers is an important element to acquire your Pag-IBIG MID number. Whether you are a new member or merely forget your previous member, this tutorial will assist.

As of 2020, the quickest means of verifying your registration tracking number (RTN), which you receive after enrolling for Pag-IBIG membership is through a website or SMS.

If you are not yet a member of Pag-IBIG, we recommend that you follow the Pag-IBIG Online Registration Guide.

What Is A Pag-IBIG MID Number?

The Pag-IBIG Membership ID (MID) is a unique 12-digit series of registered members. This is a permanent ID number for many types of Pag-IBIG operations, such as loan applications or moratorium on payments, application for membership savings upgrading, and claim to file for benefit. To protect your Pag-IBIG number, you have to complete or register online a Membership Data Form (MDF).

Read on if you ask: How can I acquire my Pag-IBIG telephone number?

Call Pag-IBIG Hotline Tel. No. 8724-4244 to obtain your MID number. You will be asked to properly answer three security questions (for identification checks) before receiving your Pag-IBIG number.

You should remember how to discover your Pag-IBIG print MDF form by tracking a number. Use of a tracking number is another technique of getting this unprinted document for you. This is an online operation, therefore you require an internet connection.

An online membership registration via the Pag-IBIG online services site is easy to acquire a copy of your Pag-IBIG MDF. You may print your MDF – you don’t need to travel to a Pag-IBIG office to receive a copy of this document after you have completed your registration online.

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1: Use The Virtual Pag-IBIG Number Verification Service.

Waiting for your Pag-IBIG number once your Pag-IBIG registration has been completed? Get this number (at least 3 working days after registration) simply and promptly using the MID Number Inquiry function of Virtual Pag-IBIG. Even if you don’t have a virtual Pag-IBIG account, you can utilize the online service.

There are the steps to access your Pag-IBIG number using Virtual Pag-IBIG:

  • Access the Inquiry Number page of Virtual Pag-IBIG.
  • Enter your RTN, last name, and birthdate of registration (DD/MM/YYYY format). Your RTN may be found in the Member Data Form (MDF) issued once your Pag-IBIG online registration has been completed.
  • Click the Send button. Send. Your Pag-IBIG MID number is shown. To preserve a copy of your Pag-IBIG number, copy and paste it or snap a screenshot of the page.

You didn’t have internet access? An alternate way to check your MID is to send an SMS query. Click here to verify Pag-IBIG numbers via a text message.

2: Chat With A Lingkod Pag-IBIG Service Agent.

If you don’t have an RTN and you need to get your Pag-IBIG number quickly, the Pag-IBIG Live Chat service might be the finest way to verify that.

  • Go to the website of the Pag-IBIG Fund.
  • At the bottom right corner of the site, click on the “Chat with us” icon.
  • Fill up your details in the online form. You may save the field of the MID.
  • Choose “Member ID Number” from the “What is your concern?” selection menu
  • Click the Send button. Send.
  • Read the questions and questions regarding the Pag-IBIG number. Click the No button if none of the information addresses your query.

Type the following details into your message:

  • Birthdate
  • Employer Current
  • Earlier employer/s (if any)
  • Your issue regarding your number of Pag-IBIG MID
  • A live chat representative will answer your questions and help you. Soon.

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3. Inquire Through Email.

Send an email to to check your MID number.

Provide the following details for a quicker transaction:

  • Name, first, and middle name
  • Name Full Married (if you are a woman)
  • Birthdate
  • Birthplace
  • Mother’s full maiden name
  • Complete your current employer’s name and address
  • Details of contact
  • Location/city currently in use
  • Add a clear picture of your legal ID, too. Your ID is necessary for addition to your personal information to guarantee that the Pag-IBIG number is provided to the appropriate individual.

Note of the Editor: The precise template I used for my email inquiry is below. Feel free to utilize it if you are someone like me who went from formal work to self-employment and neglected to continue paying the Pag-IBIG fees.

Good day! Good day!

I am now an autonomous individual and it has been years since I paid my Pag-IBIG contributions for the last time.

Can I request my Pag-IBIG number?

My personal information is as follows:

  • Name: \sBirthday:
  • Birthplace: Maiden of Mother Name:
  • Mobile number: Mobile number:
  • The current address: Current address:

For verification reasons, I have also included a scanned copy of my passport.

Thank you! Thank you!


Your name is your

A Pag-IBIG representative will reply with an email transaction reference number to your email query. Please provide this number for further queries or to monitor the status of your Pag-IBIG number verification request.

Note to the editor: I submitted myself on a Friday afternoon and received a reply on Monday that contained my Pag-IBIG number. Perhaps if I had submitted an inquiry earlier that week the answer would have been faster. If you want a quick reply, I propose that you instead phone your hotline (more on this later).

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4. Send A Private Message Via The Pag-IBIG Fund Facebook Page.

The Pag-IBIG Fund for your MID numbers check is another handy approach to make an inquiry using Facebook Messenger. The Facebook team of Pag-IBIG is available from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Click here to send a message directly via Facebook to Pag-IBIG. Provide your business data including complete name, date of birth, mother’s name, and/or former and current employment.

While you may also ask by commenting on Facebook postings from the Pag-IBIG Fund, sending a private message is the safer approach to check your MID number. Anyone may access Facebook postings from Pag-IBIG, including comments. You do not want to expose your privacy to the world, so send a PM instead.

5. Call The Pag-IBIG Hotline.

Call the Pag-IBIG hotline (02) 8724-4244 (from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday) to inquire about your MID number.

Once you are in contact with an agent, be ready for your identity verification to answer questions regarding your personal details. Note to the Editor: This is the easiest way to get your Pag-IBIG MID number based on my experience. I phoned for a weekday and after three tries I finally had to talk to an agent. She asked me for the verification of my complete name, birthday, and other personal data. I eventually got my Pag-IBIG number a few seconds later.

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