How To Know Bdo Account Number

The ATM card does not display the account number. You can’t find it there, therefore. You can find the account number written within the Passbook by applying for the BDO ATM card with Passbook. Alternatively, by accessing your BDO branch or any BDO branch and by requesting your account number, you may request your BDO number. You should carry at least two valid ids (for identification verification) or your ATM card before you visit the BDO branch.

Given your name, a bank staffer next searches on their online database using a computer and the Internet for your account number. It’s very easy to get it and it may take only seconds to get your account number. Once your account number has been searched successfully, the bank representative will tell you your account number. Remember that the bank issued you a deposit slip including your account number on the first day that you created your BDO ATM account. You can have a peek at it if you have it. If you’re far from or outside the Philippines, just call BDO’s customer care to get your account number. I will be delighted to help you with this subject.

Tips You can have a copy of it in your private folder kept in a secure spot in your office or home in order to avoid losing the bank account details notably at Banco de Oro (BDO). Or you can use a copy of the document or folder to a password-protected hosting server.

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BDO Account Number Vs. BDO ATM Card Number

The number of the ATM card is different from the number of the account. The number of an ATM card is 16 digits, and the number of the bank account is 10 or 12 digits. The first six digits in the ATM card number are the bank ID number. Visa card numbers usually begin with “4” while “51” or “55” starts with MasterCard.

How To Recover BDO Account Number

Your BDO account number can be recovered by following these steps:In the event that you’ve misplaced or forgotten your account number you may want to transfer money from your BDO savings account, but you can’t remember the account number. Please be aware that if you forget your BDO account number, there are various ways to locate it before you leave the house and go to the bank. Assisting you in the following ways almost every BDO depositor or account holder is issued a unique BDO account number consisting of either 10 or 12 digits. BDO allows multiple accounts since we provide a variety of products, such as an ATM savings account, a passbook savings account, a time deposit account, and more. Deposits and cancellations, as well as other financial transactions, require the bank account number.

Bank account numbers serve to identify a deposit or savings account and ensure that the money reaches the account holder in a timely fashion. Please provide the correct and accurate account number for your bank account. Your money may be delayed or refunded if you don’t do this. BDO ATM card number versus. account number

The account number varies from the ATM card number in that the account number is unique. Bank accounts have just 10 or 12 digits, whereas ATM cards have 16 digits. Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) are the first six digits of ATM card numbers. Visa numbers often begin with “4”, whereas MasterCard numbers typically begin with “51” or “55”.

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An ATM Card Issued By BDO

Bank account numbers, on the other hand, are permanent and remain the same for as long as the account is open, due to the fact that ATM cards expire after five years.

So, your bank account will be more secure as a result of the above. You have to go elsewhere for your account number instead of looking at an ATM card, which is a problem. The search for your BDO account number may take a day if you don’t know where to look.

BDO account numbers can be located even if you’ve forgotten them. Use a secure location to copy or store your own bank account number once you recover it. This may be a private notepad or an online notebook program such as Evernote.

A guide To Finding Your BDO Account Number

There are several ways to retrieve your BDO account number if it has been misplaced or forgotten:

Verify that your passbook is up to date before you leave.

If you have a passbook, you can locate the account number there. The account number is usually found on the first page of your passbook.

Access BDO Online

Are you a BDO online banking customer? Using BDO online banking, you may verify the account number. Visit My Accounts > My Accounts on the BDO online banking website to find your account number.

BDO Account Number Online Viewing

Account number in the BDO online system you may view your account number, available balance, type of account, and currency data when selecting your BDO account via the BDO application.

Find Out Where Your Old Money Is.

There may undoubtedly be old receipts of BDO over-the-counter transactions somewhere in your residence. Receipts get diluted with time, however, you can try to check your previous receipts for your BDO account number.

BDO Customer Service Contact Number & Email Address

To check out your account number, you may also phone the BDO Customer Service line. Take a pen and a piece of paper, and call one of the following numbers:

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