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Download the Persian Prince PC Game for Windows PC. This game was created and published in 2008 by Ubisoft. A new high with a completely new prince, a storyline, fascinating sceneries, the combat style, intriguing Gameplay, Elika, a lethal new companion, pushes the franchise to new heights.

One of the most famous and highly acclaimed titles of the game is a fresh adventure and a huge open world. Know everything about the most nimble fighter ever, including acrobatics, strategy, and battle tactics. Perform acrobatic feats exactly in time and swing from bridges, homes, and so on. Leave your ordinary existence in the fascinating world of ancient Persia. Legendary narratives and huge worlds may meet the demands of action-adventure enthusiasts by offering even Hollywood movies.

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What Is The Game About? 

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is an adventure-focused puzzle platformer. The primary protagonist is handled by a player with no Persian kingdom name. The surroundings may be viewed from a third person’s viewpoint. The camera view may be adjusted to different positions, which can be activated by entering into certain locations and carrying out certain actions.

The prince’s movement may be altered in any way and all large items like the levers and books can be manipulated in a different way. Its power and health meter may be shown in the upper left corner of the panel. The prince may re-establish his health by drinking water from fountains and swimming pools.

Accumulating sand may enhance the prince’s strength and water intake from unrevealed magic sources can improve the prince’s health as much as possible. Several times in the game, the Prince is supported by his companion Farah, who may shoot a bow at his foes provided the Prince is prepared to wander into the fireplace, but all the arrows can strike. It may be attacked by monsters, and the game ends if she is slain.

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Prince Of Persia Game Characters:

  • King Shahraman’s youngest son from Persia. A talented sportsman and a swordsman, the Prince looks forward to proving himself in combat. Instead, his ambition to earn fame and glory leads him to release evil might onto the realm of his father unintentionally. Saving the day takes all of his wisdom, agility, and bravery.
  • The Indian Maharajah’s daughter, Farah has every cause to detest the Prince who has ruined her world. But the Prince possesses the Dagger of Time – the sole weapon to protect itself from the horrors that he unleashed. So if she wants to live, Farah must remain near to him.
  • The Vizier, a traitor in the service of the Maharajah, lures the Prince into opening the prohibited hourglass, releasing the time sands on an unsuspected planet. Now the Vizier wants the Time Dagger to achieve its final, evil goal.

Main Features Of The Game 

The Prince of Persia is a famous series of games enjoyed by many people worldwide. The common characteristics of these games are thus virtually known to everyone. So, let us understand some particular characteristics of this game:

1: Dual Thrones

The Prince of Persia came back from Time Island, stopping the growth of Time sands, and rescuing the empress of time, Kaileena. He eventually changed his destiny and escaped death. He sails to Babylon now, his motherland only to find it, now filled with ravages and battle, and overrun by strong competitors.

2: Appearance 

In The Sands of the Time, the Prince was both a nice and athletic tricker. The prince in this game appears extremely muscular who is similar to a gloomy character relying more upon sword skill and physical strength in battle, even though he continues with his athletics.

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3: Personality 

As a self-sufficient, yet rude young guy, from the start of his trip. The prince, eager to please his dad in the midst of battle, may take Dagger’s time from the maharaja’s wealth, without even considering a cause for him to be there.

4: Equipment, Abilities, And Equipment 

The prince was progressively led by the elderly guy as a gift as an athlete and swordsman. The experience enabled him to be a very competent warrior during his trip. After seven years of practice, both supernatural and mortal alike, he has attained a degree of proficiency that made him a master fighter.

In the series, Prince of Persia are many popular games, and this is the fourth entry in this series. You have to play this game even if you haven’t played any of this series before. These games may be played free of charge on all platforms. You simply have to download and install the game on the smartphone before you start playing.

How To Download Prince Of Persia 4: The Sands Of Time PC Instructions

  • You will be directed to our download page, click Download Button
  • Click the Prince Of Persia 4: Time Sands PC button to download
  • Your installation will start the free installation of
  • The game with good Internet connections, it’ll be easy to download the game after the installation you can play Prince Of Persia 4: the sands of time PC Free to download

Prince Of Persia PC Game Hints And Tips:

  • Don’t forget to block! Don’t forget to block! Press and hold Special Action (Right Click) to defend the prince from most opponent strikes while in battle.
  • Don’t simply stand in one spot during battle! Use the Prince’s acrobatics to remain on track: escape, leap foes, push barriers to bounce assaults.
  • Beware of the film presentation of each new location when you first arrive. The route of the camera is an indication of where the Prince must travel.
  • If you’re stuck, attempt to repeat the latest version of what to do next.
  • Take a look at Sand Clouds, visions, and secret entrances into Magic Fountains always.
  • Upgrades to Sword are available as you go along.
  • Don’t forget the wind again.
  • Use Slow Motion to help you battle and dodge traps.
  • To get a large view of where you are, use the first-person camera, press (F), glance about, and use the landscape camera (Q).
  • Don’t battle one by one with your adversaries. A more efficient strategy in the midst of numerous adversaries is to split your assaults quickly and to the benefit of the Prince.

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